Valerie D. Henderson Designs
Opening- Duke Theseus, Hippolyta and Philostrate"Over hill, over dale, thorough brush and thorough briar!"Bottom shows how Snug should introduce the Lion. OberonTitania and the fairies sing a lullaby."Scratch my ears, Master Peaseblossom."Helena suddenly has TWO suitors!"This is THY negligence!"PhilostrateDuke Theseus and Hippolyta choose some entertainmentMechanicals- Excited that the "Lamentable Tale of Pyramus and Thisbe" is the Duke's choice"Kiss me through the hole in this vile wall!"Pyramus and MoonshineThe Mechanicals perform a bergomasque dance. "I know not by what power, my Lord, but by some power it is, my love for Hermia melted as the snow..."PuckThe band! All of the music in the play was written by Thomas Hodges. Tom and the Bones is made up by: Thomas Hodges on vocals and keyboard, Bradley Sattler on drums, and John Watt on Bass.
A Midsummer Night's Dream
San Diego State University
Don Powell Theatre
Spring 2010

Director: Dr. Peter Larlham
Scenic Design: Elizabeth Ryan
Lighting Design: Michelle Caron

My Thesis Production